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10 besar kekuatan Supermann

by on September 29, 2009
# Name
1. Flight Can not get cooler than that
2. Breath in Space not always mentioned, but apparently he can fly around in space with no limitations at all.
3. Love for Humanity okay a little cheesy, but let’s face it if he wanted your Girlfriend he could have your Girlfriend and your house, your car, your country, your money and anything else he wanted….unless you have any green rock laying around
4. Heat Vision I stare at people, but nothing happens…Superman can burn you and cut bedrock from space with his eyes (according to Superman Returns)
5. Super Strength haha, he can move a planet, can you even get your car out of the ditch?
6. Microscopic Hearing But Superman you were busy stopping a Nuclear Missile in San Fransisco, you couldn’t have possibly heard me in Chicago.
7. Close to Light Speed Would be higher if he could out run one of the 50 Flash characters. Not even Jay Garrick huh, interesting.
8. X-Ray Vision this is probably higher in my dirty little mind, but for now it belongs here.
9. Typing and asking timing questions Hell of a reporter,Scoping Lois on the President Luthor story well done.
10. Cold Breathe kinda cool, just weakest of the top 10 is all….yes i saw how you make it snow in july….great job, now the Cubs Game is cancelled Jerk!

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