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Suzuki Yamaguchi

by on May 16, 2010

First day of school in an American high school in Washington DC.

The teacher introduces the new kid, Suzuki Yamaguchi from Japan to the rest of the class.

As the class start, the teacher says:
“Let’s start with a small quiz in American history”.
Who said
“Freedom or death?”

Suddenly silence and only Suzuki raises his hand:
“Patrick Henry, 1775. in Philadelphia.”

“Very good Suzuki”.
And who said:
“The nation is it’s people and as such can never die?”

Suzuki raises his hand again:
“Abraham Lincoln, 1863, Washington.”

The teacher looks at her students and says:
“Shame on you, Suzuki is a Japanese and know American history better than you.”

A silent voice from the back of the class:
“Go f*ck yourselves, sh*tty Japanese”

“Who said that!?”, yells the teacher.

Suzuki raises his hand and says:
“General MacArthur, 1942, Guadalcanalu, and Lee Iacocca 1982 at the Chrysler management board meeting, Detroit.”

The class is in silence and you can again hear a silent voice: “Suck my c*ck!!!”

The teacher is furious:
“I’ve had enough. Who said that?”

“Bill Clinton to Monica Levinsky, Oval Office, 1997 in Washington.”

Another voice yells:
“Suzuki is sh*t!”

“Valentino Rossi in Rio de Janeiro at the Brazil moto Grand-Prix in 2002.”

The class goes wild, the teacher starts crying, and in walks to the school Principal she said: “What the hell is going on?, I am going to quit !!”

“Sri Mulyani, Minister of Finance, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2010 when KPK auditors were in her office.”


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  1. plato permalink

    hahahaha….very funny. 🙂

  2. Edy permalink

    This is te mossst funnnny i’v ever read

  3. maur si caur permalink

    ijin copas ya.. 😀

  4. thumbs up, its very funny

  5. Nan permalink

    Keren 😀

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